Willdonovan.com was created to provide a workspace to design, develop and test web sites that are being created for various clients prior to moving them to their final web address.

The web sites that have been developed, such as those shown here, are designed to be simple to use and maintain by the client. A number of the sites I've designed use Drupal, the free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

In addition to designing web sites, I've also had a "Blog" that I've used to store 'bookmarks' of web sites that I found interesting. Among the hundreds listed I'm sure you will find something that interests you. Have a look.

Websites Designed

FileMaker Databases

Since the mid 1980's I have been designing FileMaker Pro databases. FileMaker Pro is a cross platform database application known for its combination of power and ease of use. Over the years I have developed many different databases for non-profit organizations, schools, and for companies big and small.

The solutions have included: contact management, landscape and gardening records, real estate, event planning, magazine publications and even Sudoku puzzles. I've used FileMaker to create the data set for the augmented reality application Layar. If you are in Boston use the application on your smartphone to learn more about the Boston Common.

If you need a FileMaker Pro database created or simply need someone to update your own databases to FileMaker Pro version 15, then please contact me.

My background is in industrial technology. I have taught woodworking, photography and brickmaking among other subjects. I spent many years setting up industrial workshops for producing building materials, such as bricks, roofing tiles and lime. While working in Africa I helped developed a simple system for making storage jars out of just sand and cement.

Making Large Storage Jars


From my experience developing brickmaking in Sudan and Mozambique, I co-authored, with my wife, a book titled "Village-Level Brickmaking". The graphic design, layout and drawings were all done by us using a Macintosh Plus computer and Page-Maker, printed on a laserwriter printer while working in Lesotho in 1988. What is so common now, computers and publishing, was quite revolutionary then. The book is still available for sale to this day although difficult to find. Look for it in your library: ISBN 3-528-02051-2.

Village-Level Brickmaking Cover

Photos from some of the places I've lived and worked in..