water jar made with cement and sand.These web pages describe how to make containers or storage jars that have a capacity of 200 -250 litres (about 55 gallons) for the storage of water or grains, using only a 1/2 bag of cement and 50 kg of sand.

The jar/container is made without steel or wire mesh. A sack filled with sand is used as a mould which is then plastered with a sand/cement mortar. When the mortar is hard, the sack and the sand are removed, leaving the container.

The process is simple, easy to learn and uses the minimum of materials and equipment. You can make smaller containers if you wish, using the same process.

Clicking on the tabs above will take you through a step by step method of how to make these jars.

Below are pictures showing the production of a storage jar using the same procedures outlined in the step by step directions.

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The metal ring is placed on top of paper or sack. It is then filled with a mortar made of 1 part cement and 2 parts sand. The next day the metal ring is removed.

Making the base.
wetting the mould


The mould is placed on the base, filled with sand and formed into the desired shape.

plastering the mould

The sack mould is plastered with it's first coat.


After plastering the mould, the wooden hexagonal ring is put on top.

forming the top of the jar


finishing the plastering

The space between the wooden
hexagonal ring and the wooden ring
is filled with cement mix.


removing the sand from mould


After 24 hours, remove the wooden hexagonal ring and the wooden ring. Then open top of the sack and remove the sand inside the sack...

removing the sack

...then the
sack mould is removed.

checking for defects

The jar is checked for
cracks and other defects
and left to cure.

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